We’ve all been there. You go into the local garden centre to buy a trellis to hide your BBQ antics from the neighbours and find yourself walking out with six succulents (which mingled nicely in the boot with the six shades of grey taster pots we’d scooped up at Homebase – I love grey).

We recently purchased a ginormous table that has devoured huge amounts of space in the kitchen. It’s the giant of tables and I don’t think we even know enough people to fill all the chairs that sit around it (but we thought it looked pretty). It seemed so forlorn and bare, that the moment I put our new shiny green babies on the table, I knew that was where they belonged.

The succulents are now housed in (strange) tooth shaped pots, enjoying hanging out with their new friends, the Kate Good ceramic bowls made by a lovely lady in Tisbury.

I like to think of it as table art.

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